North Grand Christian Church
Sunday Worship ...  


What you can expect on Sunday
Morning at North Grand?
  • Upon arrival, you'll receive a program explaining what you can expect during the worship service. Our friendly greeters will direct you to places like the Sanctuary, children and youth venues, nursery and toddler venues. You'll also see that everyone is dressed casually. We begin our worship service at 10:15AM with about 10 minutes of worship. 
  • Rather than an organ or choir we have a worship band. After this time we have our message time. The talk lasts somewhere between 25 and 35 minutes with a heavy emphasis on the Bible along with real stories from people’s lives.  
  • After the lesson, we'll Worship the Lord though more singing and taking Communion.  After this we take up an offering and mention a few announcements. If you're here for the first time, don't feel any pressure to put money in the offering.  If you feel God leading you to contribute, that's great - thank you!  But it's more of an opportunity for those who call North Grand "home" to support what they believe in.  
  • Our services run about 60 to 75 minutes.  We desire to be a place both for people who “do church” as well as those who “don’t do church”. After the service, many people visit with friends while enjoying fresh cookies or donuts, fruit, and coffee/juice.  
We hope you will visit us this Sunday or sometime in the future.

We also have classes for all ages at 9 AM on Sunday mornings.

North Grand Christian Church - 919 30th St. - Ames IA, 50010 - 515-232-1060 - Sunday Worship 10:15AM & Sunday School 9AM